Hubner Photonics
HÜBNER Photonics来自德国,专注于激光器和太赫兹相关领域,可提供C-Wave OPO可调谐激光器,Cobolt DPSS激光器、半导体激光器和纳秒调Q激光器,以及VALO系列飞秒激光器。其产品覆盖紫外至中红外波段,广泛应用于量子光学,纳米光子学,生物医学,全息,拉曼光谱,激光雷达和气体检测等领域。

HÜBNER Photonics不仅是高性能和可靠激光光源的供应商,也是值得信赖的合作伙伴。可与客户密切合作,开发量身定制的解决方案,简化OEM集成并提高系统设计的紧凑性。

按照波长选择 Cobolt 激光器

  1. 1
    300-500 nm
  2. 2
    500-700 nm
  3. 3
  4. 4



  • 对于C-WAVE VIS和C-WAVE IR平台,采用532 nm泵浦激光器,提供低功率和高功率版本
  • C-WAVE GTR和C-WAVE NIR的平台采用780 nm泵浦激光器






HÜBNER Photonics用于高级光学和光机械设计的高水平终端工程资源,结合其独特的HTCure技术,将小型化光学器件高精度安装到紧凑且非常坚固的封装中,为提供定制激光器或开发定制光学子系统开辟了广泛的机会:

  • 激光定制:发散角、束腰、光束直径定制等,OEM封装、控制器定制等
  • 光学子系统:针对流式细胞仪、拉曼、高性能激光打标等应用



  1. Do I need a heatsink for my laser?


    All our lasers are recommended to be mounted on a heatsink.

  2. When do I purchase an OEM or CDRH model?

    CDRH: This model is CE certified and can be purchased by Universities and Companies requiring CE certification and laser safety compliance (CDRH).
    OEM: This model is not CE certified and is intended for instrument manufacturers.

  3. What is the difference between all the Cobolt 04/05/06/08 Series?

    At first it might seem confusing but its actually fairly simple:
    Cobolt 04-01 Series = single frequency (<1 MHz linewidth or >100 m coherence length), low power
    Cobolt 05-01 Series = single frequency (<1 MHz linewidth or >100 m coherence length), higher power
    Cobolt 06-01 Series = plug & play diode and diode pumped lasers for life science
    Cobolt 08-01 Series = narrow linewidth lasers (DPL <1 MHz linewidth, NLD < 1 pm), especially designed for Raman spectroscopy

  4. Can I turn down the laser power of my Cobolt 06-01 Series laser?

    Yes, the lasers can be controlled via software or analog voltage inputs to control the output power.

  5. Can I turn down the laser power of my Cobolt 04-01, 05-01 or 08-DPL lasers?

    Turning down the laser power to about 50% of maximum is generally okay. However, it is important to note that all performance specifications are optimized for nominal laser power. Changing the laser power could impact other performance parameters of the laser. Please contact your sales representative if you have questions about laser operation.

  6. Can I turn down the laser power on my 08-NLD laser?

    It is not recommended to adjust to output power of the 08-NLD lasers due to the wavelength sensitivity of the optical elements used to lock the lasers in single longitudinal mode.

  7. Can I extend the life of my Cobolt laser by operating it at lower power?
    • This is true for the diode lasers to some extent.
    • This is not true for the diode pumped lasers. They are built and optimised for best performance at the power they are delivered at. Lowering the power will not extend the life of a DPL.